“Slavery was 150 years ago, get over it”

Ok, sure. Then let’s talk about all of the things that have happened to African-Americans since then.

-Weeks after the 13th Amendment was ratified, the Ku Klux Klan formed in the south to spread white supremacy, & terrorize, beat & lynch black…

I’m not gonna lie, I’m sick & tired of seeing garbage like this. Bringing up black crime without explaining why it’s a thing, is just boiling blacks people down to being inherently violent or criminal. And comparing rival gang violence & crime from living in an impoverished ghetto, to a…

Yes, you read that correctly. Jesus Christ of The Bible, was not only against the rich, but advocated for the same economic philosophies as many forms of communism &/or socialism do.

Acts 2:44–45

“Now all who believed were together, & had all things in common, & sold their possessions &…

Azhurel Mendes

I'm a creative writer, who has made the transition towards journalism & leftist politics, & enjoys educating people through writing & a lot of patience.

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