Candace Owens is Part of the Problem

I’m not gonna lie, I’m sick & tired of seeing garbage like this. Bringing up black crime without explaining why it’s a thing, is just boiling blacks people down to being inherently violent or criminal. And comparing rival gang violence & crime from living in an impoverished ghetto, to a hate filled racist mass shooter, is equally short sighted & bigoted. Stop trying to hide your racist prejudices as “factual” or “logical”. Just go back to saying “them blacks are violent criminals”, because either way you do it, the message is the same.
If she was actually worried about this problem, & wanted to look for a solution rather than racially flame bait & attack the left she’d say something more along the lines of:
“The #1 violent offender against the Asian-American community is gang related violence.
The #1 violent offender against the African-American community is also gang related violence.
Therefore we should work together to learn about & address the socio-economic problems that lead to this cycle of poverty & crime to help uplift these & all other minority communities.”
Because while sure, it’s true that black people are committing these violent offenses, the problem isn’t black people in general, it’s specifically gang members, & vilifying black people isn’t going to solve the problem, it’s just going to cause more racial division. One could also say “white people did the Holocaust” & that would be factually true, but the only reason someone would say that & withhold the context that it was specifically Nazis, would be if they had an agenda & were specifically trying to vilify white people in general. But given conservative’s track record with blaming entire minority groups for the actions of few *cough* 9/11 *cough* this ethnic blame game nonsense doesn’t surprise me. However it never ceases to irritate me, as for all the reasons I’ve stated above, it reeks of ignorance, & does not solve the problem.

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